Old campfire on Seneca Park trail
Old campfire on Seneca Park trail

We drove right over a dead raccoon this morning on our war way to B&B Automotive. Not with our tires, it was right between them. We dropped the car off and went for a walk while they worked on it. We walked south on Saint Paul and into Seneca Park. We started heading down the steps to the bridge over the river and we came face to face with another raccoon. This one was alive. We scared him and he turned around but he had nowhere to hide so he turned back toward us. We ran up the steps and decided to take the trail along the east side of the Genesee.

The park is named after the Native American tribe that settled here so it seemed fitting we would come across this ceremonial fire pit. I was glad to see kids still hang out in the woods and leave signs of their mischief behind. Peggi’s phone says we went nine miles but it hardly seems possible.

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  1. Watch out for the neighbors over the jump in Irondequoit…. we came across a headless chicken or two on full moon occasions. Fully feathered.

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