Down In The Hole

Paul in empty swimming pool. Photo by Peggi Fournier.
Paul in empty swimming pool. Photo by Peggi Fournier.

The swimming season came to an abrupt end this year when we emptied the pool in order to paint it. This is only the second time the street pool has been painted since it was put in in 1960. I took the opportunity to try to get the underwater light out so I could repair the short. It worked when we first moved here and it is especially nice on warm summer nights when we bring friends down.

Peggi and I sent out a bunch of emails yesterday, inviting people to the opening of my photo show at the Little Theatre on Sunday. We setup a shared email list some time ago and then recently got one of those really confusing messages from Apple asking if we wanted to merge or discard conflicting contacts lists. We clicked merge and wound up with duplicates and old discarded email addresses in one big mess. Consequently we inadvertently spammed our friends with duplicates.

So we buckled down and whittled our contacts down to only people whose names we recognize, who we wouldn’t mind hearing from, and those who are still living. The people at companies we used to do business with all were eliminated. Peggi and l laughed as I read the names before selecting “delete.”!! All the DuPont addresses. Our original email address –! “AOL hell” we used to call it. and all those who left us. Sparky, our next door neighbor, never had an email address but his street address was in there. Our list has dropped from 2500 to 400 and I’m still working it.


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  1. I’ve knocked the light out of its socket when I would brush the pool walls in the summer but I could get it to come out of its socket when there was no water around it. It is a strange mix, electricity and water. I took a photo of the light to se if I could get parts on eBay and I found a whole lot of led lights that you can pretty much throw in the pool at night. Funny, I took the photo as reference and Peggi thought the photo looked like a painting. I will post it in the near future.

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