“Guernica” by Picasso at Museo de Reina Sofia in Madrid
“Guernica” by Picasso at Museo de Reina Sofia in Madrid

We have been on somewhat of a news fast here. Our neighbor, Sue, is enjoying our newspaper subscription while we’re gone. We’ve gathered the Israel/Hamas war plays differently here in the Basque region. We watched a huge demonstration in support of Palestine, thousands of people in San Sebastián. Most of them were wearing the stickers that organizers were handing out. The sticker used imagery from Picasso’s Guernica along with a Basque slogan offering support for Palestine. Many were carrying the Palestinian flag and some were waving flags with the Star of David with a Nazi sign inside of it. We are in Bilbao now, only 34 miles from Guernica and we just saw Picasso’s masterpiece last week at Museo de Reina Sofia in Madrid.

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  1. I thought to share , on FB, your report on ‘Basque support;’ for Palestinians, but things are so bad in my FB world, I actually daren’t yet,
    Enjoy your freedom away from Mainland USA…..

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