Don’t Get Out Much

“Boil-water notice issued after body found in Highland Park Reservoir.” Now they are going to have to put a cover over the highlight of Olmsted’s park to protect the drinking water.

The blossoming fruit trees, forsythia and Cornus Mas had a dusting of snow when left for our walk this morning. On Log Cabin Road the sun came out and it was a spectacular sight. I pulled my camera out of my pocket and the lens wouldn’t open. It had been so long since we walked and the battery had drained. We were caught up in the early spring and got ourselves into a few projects in the yard, the kind that leave you exhausted at the end of the day. But what a treat being outside all day. I think this is the longest since Ive been away from my blog.

As seen above, we had gig somewhere other than the Little Theatre Café (where we can be found every four weeks) – a memorial celebration of Dave Ripton at Skylark Lounge with three bands. Frying Pan played first, Margaret Explosion was in the middle and the great Nod played last. It was quite an experience playing through a PA, even the amps were miced and the open vocal mics picked up the stage sound. We had no soundcheck I used Brian’s drum set. Ken played his electric bass rather than the double bass. We did a version of “Floating at the Bug Jar” for Casey, Skylark’s owner. He used to own the Bug Jar when we played happy hours back in the day.

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