I Miss Winter

Marsh on Hoffman Road in February
Marsh on Hoffman Road in February

February’s bonus day brought a brief but welcome reappearance of winter weather. We walked to the end of Hoffman Road in a snow squall. The red winged blackbirds that we’ve been listening to for the last few weeks were nowhere to be found. The marsh looked like a Tarkovsky still. Twenty-four hours later the sky is blue and the temperature is fifty degrees.

Since my father first identified the yellow flower pushing its way through the snow on our hillside I’ve noted the date. They were out on February 14 this year, the earliest date since I started keeping track. Jared spotted a groundhog in the garden a few weeks ago so he already has the electric fence on to protect the lettuce that wintered over. The cherry blossoms in the park are worrisome. It is good to see the chipmunks are out of hibernation but I miss winter.

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