Long Live Philip Guston

Guston-like stone pavers
Guston-like stone pavers

We have been pulling up the pavers that ran around the back of our house for the past week. It is back-breaking work and I have been sleeping better than ever. We reset them about twenty years ago when we moved in. The earth had swallowed them up. I was thinking they looked like Flintstone loaves of bread. Peggi was looking out at them while she brushed her teeth this morning and she said they reminded her of a Guston painting. I thought it was great observation and I took a photo of them before we started work today.

It seems most of the neighbors in this area have these pavers in their yards either as garden edging, walkways or stone walls. I’m guessing Culver Road was once paved with these all the way to the lake and at some point they dug them all up, paved the road and gave the pavers away. Funny how that generation of homeowners is gone and the stones are still here. We’re having a landscape company put some blue stone down in its place And Peggi and I have been building a short fence with the stones.

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