Perfect World

I am nearing the end of of the big rip, that is taking every cd in the house and shoving it into our old laptop. I still have a stack of Sun Ra cds to rip and I’m sort of surprised the cd drive still hanging in there for this operation. A few cds with heavy ink coverage have sounded like a helicopter while giving up the goods. I have iTunes set to automatically retrieve track tags from CDDB and then eject with a chime when it finishes converting the tracks to mp3s or Apple Lossless files. had a one day deal where you could buy a 500 gig harddrive for $100 and then there was a $20 rebate. So the library is sitting there and the cds are all in boxes ready to . . . I don’t know what I’m going to with them.

No more looking all over the house for a particular cd or just trying to find a cd in a pile. When I do that I usually forget what I’m looking for and go right by it. Now we’re diggin’ the Party Shuffle. You shuffle the deck with a click, call up 50 tunes at random, and restack those 50 if we don’t like the order. Or we live dangerously and just the let the thing go. All sorts of stuff comes up that I would never think of putting on. I keep thinking, “This guy is the best dj in the world”. And iwhen something nasty comes up, I hit the delete button and iTunes moves the file to the trash. This is a perfect world.

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