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Quonset hut house on Titus Avenue in Rochester, New York

I thought I would read a bit more about Putin’s new “Blogger’s Law” before I risked speaking my mind but as I typed “Putin” in Google I was prompted to check out “Putin’s girlfriend” and I never got to the law so here goes.

When I was building homes as a “rougher” we built three types of homes, split levels, ranches and center entrance Colonials. Oh and there was this thing called a “raised ranch.” These “Domas Homes” were in a new development off Lyell Road. They were cheap and probably didn’t age well. In case you don’t know what a rougher is, some people call them framers, they build the basic wood structure and get out before the “finished” carpenters move in. When I first started as a rougher I hollered out a measurement to my boss, Salvatore Caramana, something like “62 and an eighth.” And he hollered back, “An eighth? I can’t see a fucking eighth.”

Anyway, we didn’t build any Quonset huts. They look like something they might have in Russia.

Here is a song from last week’s gig.

Margaret Explosion - Contemplation
Margaret Explosion – Contemplation

Margaret Explosion – “Contemplation”


4 Replies to “Bloggers Law”

  1. Weird parrallel Paul. In 1971 I got a job framing houses on the west side too. There were only three of us on the crew over the winter and the others were 30 years my senior. Some days they would give me the keys to the truck in the afternoon to fetch a pint of schnapps.

  2. i remember when you got that job, you had to come up with a tool bag and a tape measure and the first hammer you took to work was a homeowners 16 oz hammer and the rest of the crew were swinging like 28 oz framers hammers so you had to get a bigger hammer, i thought you were building foundation forms in the beginning, and then i became the carpenter in real life, and then the world became quiet(chaotic)

  3. Both quiet and chaotic. I did build foundation forms while I was still in Indiana and Peggi was finishing school. When I moved back here I started roughing houses. Had to up my hammer. Were they really 28 ounces? Like Tom, the other guys were older and I would run out for six packs of Genny Cream Ale.

  4. I framed too during the summers of my sophomore- junior yrs. in high school and when I graduated from R.L. till about a year later. we all used 20.oz except one guy (smallest guy on the crew) who used a 28 oz. so let’s build something!

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