Garage Sales For Dummies

Books at garage sale in Rochester, New York

We were headed up to Wegman’s on our bikes. We needed just about everything so I had three bags in my basket. There were garage sales on every side street and we turned down one that had a sign pointing to a “Monster Garage Sale.” I was kind of intrigued by this graphic poster but we moved along without buying anything.

Peggi had pointed out the book, “Blogging For Dummies,” and I’m wondering now what kind of advice it would have offered.

I think the hardest part is just doing it. Like meditation you have to stop what you’re doing and collect yourself for a few moments. To make that act more tolerable I just try to amuse myself by what I write. If I don’t have anything to say I just start typing and it is fun to see where it goes. For me, my photos are an aide. They get the ball rolling even if they have nothing to do with the content of my post. And often the photo is far more interesting than what I write. That’s ok with me. I get a sense of release when I hit “Publish” and then I get on with my day. It is ridiculously selfish.


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  1. Don’t stop- you’re good at it. And, btw, all the fiction writers I admire start with an image or a scene and let it go where it wants. Outlining is for amateurs and control freaks.

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