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Monogramed towels at Bed Bath and Beyond

Until yesterday we were still using hand-me-down bath towels from Peggi’s parents. They last a long time but you eventually get really tired of the color. So we went on an adventure to Bed Bath and Beyond. Department stores don’t have clerks that work in them anymore. You just pick up a giant cart at the door and roll it around the store looking for what you came in there for. The carts are so big you can’t help but bump into other shoppers.

The towel department is arranged by price. The towels get thicker and longer if you are willing pay extra. Our main criteria was the color and we wanted the whole set. Two bath towels, two hand towels, two wash clothes and a bath mat. We settled on some Turkish cotton Expresso towels.

The store was really crowded because of the holiday and the cashier wanted to know if we needed gift boxes but we told her they were just for ourselves. We had a coupon that saved us ten dollars and gave her that. The woman in line behind us also had a coupon, an extra one, for twenty dollars off. She said we could have it too. I’m really starting to get in the spirit.

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