AI For Dogs

Three tall radio towers near Erie Canal in Rochester, New York
Three tall radio towers near Erie Canal in Rochester, New York

Our neighbor down the street already had an invisible fence. And her two dogs patrolled the perimeter beating down a path in the snow while barking their heads off at anyone who walked by. The older of the two dogs died and she recently had the Invisible Fence people there. You can’t see their fence, of course, but they lined it with little blue flags and they put a 2 foot by three foot “Invisible Dog Fence” sign in the yard. We were guessing they tweaked the fence somehow, maybe gave it a firmware update or new software.

We saw the Invisible Fence truck in her driveway a few more times and we speculated that she might be having an affair with the driver. And then we saw him out in the yard with a little dog, a new second dog. We guessed that Invisible Fence might also offer things like dog training and, well, other services.

The new dog quickly learned how to bark, in unison with the other dog, at anyone who passes. Maybe because the mailman gives them treats and they expect it from everyone else. But they bark at the mailman too. The fence gives the dogs a jolt when they test the limits of their space. You would think the Invisible Fence company could also give them a jolt if they bark like idiots.

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