Sleeping With The TV On

Olives at El Barril in Barrio Las Letras, Madrid
Olives at El Barril in Barrio Las Letras, Madrid

I’m missing Spain already and we’re still in the air.

The first time I saw “Far From The Madding Crowd” was in the Ridge Theater in Webster, a Saturday afternoon matinee. I fell asleep but I remember liking Julie Christie. We watched the remake on the plane and I fell asleep again. The story was so predictable and I wasn’t buying the beautiful people doing farming thing at all. Just like on the way over, the person in front of us was watching the Billie Jean King movie and I found myself more attracted to that.

The new Bladerunner was the second part of our double feature. I couldn’t give a hoot about the story but it was beautiful to watch. The grey cities, the drones and space ships, the ruins, the artfully composed shots and camera movement and then an Elvis impersonator and Frank Sinatra under glass. I fell asleep again, a few times, and never got to the end of a really long movie.

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  1. i fell asleep 4 different times watching AMERICAN FRIEND.

    paul i know u dont like being praised or congratulated but congratulations on a very well-done adventure.

    much respect to u both.

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