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Mural painter working front of Rochester Beer Garden
Mural painter working front of Rochester Beer Garden

Aren’t there already too many local beer joints? Too many beers on tap, too many choices everywhere you go? Do we have to overdo a good thing before moving on? I like a good beer but I fall apart after one. I can’t see hanging out at the Beer Garden but I might stop in for a pint.

The outside of the place made me think of my neighbor, friend and horseshoe partner. He drives one those VW vans, a Westie, and he’s a beer enthusiast. He’s been on a bit of a losing streak this season and he’s been bugging me to raise one of the stakes. As if the height of one of the stakes would play to his disadvantage only.

The stake is driven in so deep I need mechanical help to get it up so I put a request in to our neighbor, Jared. He’s been preoccupied with his grandson but he stopped by this morning with his tractor and pulled the stake up with a chain. Sure enough, Rick beat me two – zip in the first two of our usual best of three games.

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