Mermaid statues in garden store outside Leon Spain
Mermaid statues in garden store outside Leon Spain

In Spain for the month of April we got to experience an early Spring and because it was so cold here in April we are enjoying it all over again in May. We put lettuce, spinach and cilantro in today, all from seed. I realize we’re late with those but we’ll see what happens. We picked a batch of kale from last year’s plants. They try to start up again and only get so far. We plan to get over to Case’s on Norton pick the plants we intend to put in. We may be pushing it with those but we hear Mother’s Day is the new Memorial Day for clear of frost days.

My sister thought we were goin to Lourdes and she asked us to pick a rosary up for her. She got confused because we had told her our cousin was going Lourdes for Easter before meeting us in St. Jean Pied de Port‎. Lourdes would have been the place to buy one but we found a nice one in Pamplona at religious store connected to the Cathedral. We dropped that off tonight after yoga.

It was hot in the old Brighton School No. 1 gym. Jeffery had the doors open. Brighton High School had a lacrosse game going on and they cranked a recording of the national anthem through their P.A. system. Jeffery told us the longer you practice yoga the easier it is to block out distractions.


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  1. “the longer you practice yoga the easier it is to block out distractions”

    The same is true for drumming in the park. There is always someone within earshot playing something that is completely disconnected in time & space to what is going on. I used to curse it, now I dont even notice it.

  2. Or Duane, you could integrate it…I wish I’d asked for a rosary. Buddhist monks typically own three things: A robe, a bowl, and a rosary. Maybe I’m working my way towards something…

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