Lazy Eye

Out of focus sun spots on pavement on our street

My ears are still ringing from Saturday night’s Big Ditch/Nod double billing at the Firehouse Saloon. That’s a great place for rock n’ roll. Mostly an empty room with very few clunky chairs and a great sound system. Big Ditch was tight as a drum and Nod was loose as a goose, at one point stopping a song because something was out of whack. I hadn’t seen a band do that in years. In fact I thought that was one of the rules of rock & roll. You never stop a song. Anyway, I loved both bands.

The place is loud as hell. You can’t distinguish one word of the vocals. I’m thinking next time I’ll bring my Home Depot ear muffs and it will be perfect.

We have been spending an unhealthy amount of time following the antics of the US royal family. I’m getting tired of the mind-blowing. House of Cards is much better. We just wrapped up season 5. The show got off to a great start early on but got bogged down with complications in the the 3rd and 4th season. And I was really worried about the Trumpster upstaging season 5.

I’m happy to say he could not. The House of Cards players are better looking. They’re smarter. Trump is a pretty good actor but the HoC actors are much better and therefore much more engaging.

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