Long Live Suicide

Kid jumping logs on bike at the end of our street in Rochester, New York

Are we really going to be going back down to New York for the fourth time before July is out? NYT had an article a couple of weeks ago about Alan Vega and his artwork. I really liked the portrait they pictured, one of his last paintings, and Invisible-Exports, a gallery on the Lower East Side, has a show on now of those portraits. The article mentioned that Jeffery Deitch will also have a show in his SoHo gallery “that will feature drawings and assemblages from Vega’s earliest days to his last, as well as a larger-than-life projection of Suicide in concert that, he promises, will make people “feel as if they’re there.”

I sent a link to the article to Duane and sure enough the live Suicide video is the footage that he and Howard Thompson shot in that same gallery (from a Suicide performance that took place in that same space if I am not mistaken.)

25 million posted “Dream Baby Dream” from the old Midnight Special show and it has crossed the one million views mark. Duane is, with approval from Vega’s wife, assembling the compilation video for Deitch. Let’s hope his footage is rendered in time for the opening.

We did get to see Suicide a few times and I know I’ve told this story before. But here goes. After their first album came out we drove down after work to hear them at Max’s on a Friday night. It was during the gas crunch and we were unable to find a gas station that was open. We finally ran out and spent the night in the car, parked in front of a gas tank in New Jersey. Let’s hope Trump doesn’t trigger something.

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  1. ds Says:

    “Let’s hope his footage is rendered in time for the opening.”

    Just under the wire. The last of the videos took 12 hrs to render, it finished a few hrs ago, in the middle of the nite, and I deliver it all at 10AM today.

    The private reception is tonite, and today is Alan’s Birthday. Show opens tomorrow, and is extended till Sept, so you dont have to race down right away.

  2. ds Says:

    My 630AM video-drained brain got it backwards, today is the 1 yr anniversary of Alan’s death, his B Day was a cuppla weeks ago

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