Ignoring The Crowd

We have been to Salvatore’s on Bay Road in Webster three times now and we’ve never had their pizza. We go there to hear the Debbie Kendrick Project. It’s a pretty comfortable place. No cover, a good choice of craft beers and a nice sounding room. The band sets up in the corner and sit in a circle with Sean, the guitar player with his back to the crowd. They basically play for themselves and we eavesdrop.

Mike Patric plays bass with Joe Beard and is a real pro. Drummer Pete Monacelli got his start playing with big bands in Albion and he has a perfect touch. I have no idea where Sean Pfiefer, the guitar player, came from but I love the way he plays. And Debbie Kendrick is otherworldly. She has an incredible voice and a beautiful spirit. Her voice fills the room. The first time we heard them I spent half an hour trying to figure out where the speakers were for her voice. Turns out she runs her mic cord into Sean’s tiny Fishman guitar amp. They play blues and R&B and anything in between. Here they are doing a song Amy Winehouse made popular.

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