Corpse Pose

Eastridge High School in snow and sun

Jeffery’s yoga class convened last night for the first time since the holidays. He asked everyone in the class what they wanted to work on. I said “I didn’t care” but that didn’t come out right. What I really meant was “I’ll do anything.” I don’t want think here. I want to surrender. The woman next to Peggi suggested core strengthening and that is what Jefferey went with. We spent a lot of time on our backs with our legs in the air and then rolled over to do forearm plank and crocodile.

Continuing with our cross training regimen today Peggi plotted a six mile route to Wegman’s and back. Actually we’ve begun thinking in kilometers and working toward ten of those. Our route began with us walking in the east opposite direction. When left it sunny. By the time we got to Point Pleasant it was windy and raining. I was carrying a back pack. There was nothing in it but we planned to shop and came home with 22 1/2 pounds of groceries in the pack. That changed everything. The recommend you plan on limiting the things you carry to ten pounds so that will be a piece of cake.

With the recent thaw the sidewalks are littered with drug bags. That and some nasty dog droppings.

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  1. Martin Edic Says:

    22 lbs is a heavy backpack. For the Camino, do you figure 10-15k a day?

  2. ds Says:

    It’s the boot camp you never went to way back when

  3. Bob Martin Says:

    When I went on a diet in 2003, I dropped 92 pounds between May and November, ending up at 195 pounds. When I dropped the first 10, I went to Wegmans and carried a 10 pound bag of potatoes around the perimeter of the store. At 20, I carried two bags. 30, 3 bags, and so on. I got all the way around the store carrying 6 bags of potatoes, but couldn’t make it with 70. Yet, I used to carry that around with me all time. So, yes, limiting what you carry is a good thing, no matter how you carry it.

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Bob Martin