Can I Borrow A Cup Of Sugar?

RGE owned fake house
RGE owned fake house. Photo by Richard Edic.

Richard Edic sent us some interesting photos of rock solid imaginary houses. They are apparently owned by the local power company, RGE, and they are located in residential areas throughout the city. Nobody lives in them. The power company has some sort of sub-station inside, like maybe Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory or something. Who knows? Richard has identified three of these fake houses and he sent us photos that we have posted on the Refrigerator. If you are aware of any of these suspicious homes in your neighborhood, drop us a line. We’ll add them to our inventory.


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  1. Suspicious fake houses set up by RG&E?

    Wow – for what purpose? A place to stay
    for the Lady in White?

    There are SO MANY things about which
    to be paranoid – I don’t think this is one.

    First of all, they’re not ‘fake’ if they exist and they
    aren’t like sets in Hollywood (have you ever seen
    Beaver Cleaver’s house on the Universal tour – the
    one with which they open every show? It’s just a
    front wall propped up by leaning 2 by 4’s. There
    was a noticeable groan in our tour group when
    the people saw it. Wait until they see what Jerry
    Mathers looks like these days.) Anyway…

    Dull reality (I told you it was BORING! Why don’t
    you people do more drugs and alcohol?) Dull
    reality gives us two probable real-world answers:

    1. They’re average houses in that neighborhood
    that are probably filled with measuring devices so
    the power company can get a realistic ‘norm’ on
    the area’s energy use. Maybe. But more likely?

    2. Many major corporations own middle class
    houses all over the city for executives and their
    families – to which they might move when they’re
    hired by the company and haven’t sold their own
    homes yet.

    Sure beats hotel charges and the hired executives
    would be much more willing to move here if they
    could bring their families with them during the
    transition. And who wants to live in a hotel –
    alone – for three or four months (except me)?

    Dull reality sucks.

  2. This seems merely sensational, and very bad journalism, unless you or Richard Edic have the time to knock on the doors of these “fake houses”. Is the paranoid logic of conspiracy theories at work here, or what?

  3. No conspiracy theory here, just the desire on my part to know more about the history of these places. I think it’s facinating that they are all exactly the same and that they are sprinkled in around the county in the middle of residential neighborhoods. I would like to find out if there are others so I can photograph them. If you look at these places close up you will realize that nobody lives in them; the side curtains are sheets of plywood and if you look on the right side of the first linked photo you will see a warning sign bolted to the brick wall.

  4. If anyone really gives a shit about these houses, I will
    find the answer on Monday and report back. Just let
    me know in this forum.

    Also, I’ll bet you’ll be disappointed in the dull answer.

  5. Go for it, Paolo. Crack this mystery that you say is not really a mystery, and that everyone else appears to want to KEEP a mystery. So far we have a photographer who wants to collect images of these houses, but not investigate what they actually are, a blogger who calls them “suspicious” and “fake”, and the photographers brother who seems to know for sure that they are gateways to alternative universes. I have a theory too, and it involves ghosts.

    So go for it, Paolo, pop these balloons.

  6. somebody is on to something here, not sure what, could be some brilliant investigative journalism, to my knowledge we dont have fake houses where i live, but then i havent been lookink for them, have i?

  7. I don’t think there’s any mystery. These houses are associated with various operations centers, located behind them, and the house is just an office or shop building. I just think RG&E decided to make them look like a typical suburuban structure so they’d blend in with the neighborhood, and they planted a bunch of trees around them to block the view of the ugly equipment storage behind. I’ve been driving by, and have known about the one on Plank Road ( since I was a teenager, but I never suspected foul play. Now I’m going to investigate it closer. I love a good consiracy theory. I’m waiting for the next new moon, and taking an infrared camera and a parabolic mic over there.

    I didn’t know a blog was “journalism.” Damn, that ruined blogs for me. Now I’m going to pick apart everything I read in this forum. Watch out.

  8. Bob! Would you quit being so logical? Reality is bad enough
    without people like you who have their feet on the ground and

    I have my own theory – and Lloyd is partially right. These are
    the former homes of the top people involved in the conspiracy
    to kill John Kennedy. They’re dead now but the CIA has to keep
    up the houses for appearances and the killer’s ghosts abound! Haven’t any of you sharpies seen that all the houses are surrounded by “GRASSY KNOLLS”? Hmmmm? Actually, I’d really
    like to meet the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald. He’s in a fake house
    in Dallas but mediums say he continually whines about getting
    fucked in this whole thing. Oh well, I could be wrong.


  9. Talked to four people @ RG&E today. Two from
    customer service; two from Corporate Communications
    (which used to be a client of mine). Marie from CC asked
    to be taken to the blog and looked at the pictures and
    comments with me on the line. She laughed at the theories
    but admitted she never heard of the houses before even tho
    she worked there for 17-years. She kinda got into it but
    said it was probably just some boring operations thing like
    Bob M. said. She’ll call me back tomorrow. It sounded like
    she wanted it to be ‘sinister’ but couldn’t imagine what for.
    I think she was hoping for an alien-communication control

  10. is genetically engineered food fake food? they don” t have to label it in the usa,unlikemore sophisticated countries.oh and somebody up there needs to check the public property tax records to see how they are being taxed.

  11. Official word from RG&E Corporate Communications after consulting with ‘Operations’:
    the houses are RG&E substations designed as houses to conform to town and village
    building codes. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. paolo, do you also believe everything the government says ? were they willing to give a tour? how are they being taxed in relation to similar ‘real’ homes? would you want a fake home as a neighbor? is there any danger posed by a SUBSTATION close to other homes? what exactly is a substation? what do they look like out in the county where they are not housed in homes? why dont OPERATIONS tell COMMUNICATIONS at rg&e what the hell is going on until after the fact?

  13. steve- get a grip! I’ll compare my anti-US government protests
    -coast-to-coast- since ’68 to yours anyday. i’ll bet you even
    vote pretending you have a say in where this country is going.

    of all companies, why does rg&e scare you?

  14. actually i always vote for total losers knowing my vote will be nothing but a protest against the mainstream, and rg&e, well ,.they bound to be hiding something. and why protest the government, they’re not in charge of anything.

  15. Rereading my last post is a little embarrassing. I
    don’t why I became so defensive. I’m sorry if I’ve
    said anything to offend you. Peace.

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