Have Fun With Words

We were there.
We were there.

Dwight sent us this shot of fours guys who went out to hear Margaret Explosion last night. The shot looks like it was caught caught on a surveillance camera. The Little closed the Cafe for a private party last night. Sorry about that. We’ll be back next week.

Peggi spent many hours preparing for today’s pre-hearing on our tax reassessment issue. As we headed into the library for encounter we noticed another couple coming out. The woman had a manila envelope and the man had his hands in his pockets. So I put my hand my packets. We signed in at a desk in the basement in front of three tables where people were making their cases. This was a carpeted rec room with colorful signs on the walls. One read, “How Many Ways Can You Tell A Story”. Others read, “Tell It With Stories”, “Have Fun With Words”, Some Words Rhyme” and “Tell It With Puppets”. We started laughing while picturing the idea of Peggi presenting our case with puppetry.


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  1. Undoubtably, you have always been bald. It took your physical self awhile to acquiesce, but essentially, that is to say, spiritually, you have always been a bald man–who, furthermore, plays bass.

  2. Actually I’ve now decided that we look some rock band from the seventies that’s going back on tour. Now if only I could remember how those songs start…

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