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Nikon P5100 error messages
Nikon P5100 error messages

While reading reviews of the cameras I was considering buying, a few things occurred to me. It is just too easy to be critical. Some sites do reviews as link baits. Some experts don’t know what they’re talking about. Digital cameras take three steps forward and one step back every time they make a move. Features that you grow accustomed to disappear. I like looking through a view finder. It blocks out the rest of the world for a bit while you frame the shot. Its hard to find a camera with one anymore. My little Sony had a histogram in the preview window when you were manual mode. With the Nikon you have to take a shot and then preview it before you can see the histogram. Who engineered that? And you have to take the battery out of the camera and put it into a charger to recharge it whereas the Sony and my old Kodak allowed you to recharge it in the camera. But I won’t focus entirely on the bad. I have more than twice the megapixels and I can shoot without the Flash in low light.

Now back to the bad. Why can’t I download the photos from the camera without using some clunky Nikon software? I took a my first batch of photos and plugged the USB cable into the camera and nothing showed up on the desktop. So I installed the Nikon software from the cd (notice I have not read the directions yet) and plugged the camera back in. The “Nikon Transfer” software launches and crashes and at the same time a window pops up to tell me a new version of the software is available. I go to Nikon’s site to download the update the software and it says I am not registered so I can’t download it.

So I went out to Target and bought a card reader, shoved the SD card in it and it mounted fine. Why couldn’t Nikon let you get at the files directly from the camera? I have ten days to decide whether I’m going to keep this thing. I’ll try some shots tomorrow. I may even read the manual.


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  1. at the risk of sounding stupid paul, whats a histogram, how many times a year do you need to get one? i plugged my daughters nikon coolpix (at least two years old) into my laptop and the pictures immediately dnloaded. i need a camera my ownself.

  2. Reading the manual wouldn’t have helped. What they need to tell you is to take all the cables and software for downloading directly from the camera and throw them in the trash, but of course they’re not going to do that.

  3. Hi
    Kindle what? I’ve read this entry twice and although I’m sympathetic to your Sony problems — problems I don’t imagine you would have with a PC but let’s not go there (since I’m considering getting a Mac) — I don’t see any “Kindle” reference. Since you’re using Kindle as a verb, I’m going to assume you’re speaking to readers who have a Kindle and who read this entry on a Kindle. So were you throwing out a challenge to us/me to see if we COULD read it. Interested in your thoughts on this, as many are.

  4. I thought we had crossed over that point where the new brand name becomes a synonym for the function it performs or facilitates e.g. “Google it”. I’ll use “read this” until I am officially notified.

  5. Hey … okay…and if any of your readers want the Kindle skinny, I’m there.

  6. why do you want to burn your new camera paul? rich makes a valid point. are we being tested? i researched histograms (modern version of a grey card). still don’t know what a kindle is. and the worst part is i didn’t even know i didn’t know what a kindle is. i feel so ignorant. so ashamed. i’ll just go back to reading ” celebrity skin”. that makes me feel good about myself. not all stupid.

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