You Are Stuck With It

Easter display in house on Culver Road in Rochester, NY
Easter display in house on Culver Road in Rochester, NY

I rode my bike past this display in the front window of a house on Culver Road and couldn’t resist stopping to take a photo. Even after reading how that guy came out of his house and shot that kid. Someone who puts Easter animals in their window probably wouldn’t tote guns would they? This display is either a week late or these people are on the Eastern Orthodox calendar like our neighbor, Helen.

Raised as a Catholic, and still mystified by that whole thing, I was never taught the significance of the bunny and chick. You can hardly even speculate anymore with Wikipedia right at your fingertips but I would have guessed that the chick has something to do with being born again. And maybe that’s why Catholics scoffed at these pagan symbols. You are born Catholic and then stuck with it. You don’t have the option of being born again. I certainly knew the bunny showed up with the an overdose of candy just after we had given up candy for Lent but this guy was suspect too. The focus, of course, was supposed to be on the most suspect of all Catholic legends, the resurrection.


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  1. Hmmm… A giant duck and a tiger fitted out with rabbit ears. Are those considered Easter animals?.

  2. I kinda thought that was a bunny with the tall ears. Maybe it is a tiger and maybe I completely misread this whole vision.

  3. perception is a funny thing … good eye janet,that’s awesome , you really saw what you were looking at…love your paintings.i thought it was a bunny and chick too!

  4. I celebrated Greek Easter yesterday with Boo’s family- we grilled two legs of lamb which came out great. Her 2 year-old grandson Jack was in the backyard saying ‘bunny, bunny’ because there was a bunny sitting on the grass about 20 feet away. This is in the middle of the city, NOTA.
    Unfortunately the cute bunny ate all the spring bulbs so I am going to take it out (just kidding!).

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