Pit Bull & Jesus

White Pit Bull with Jesus in Rochester, New York
White Pit Bull with Jesus in Rochester, New York

I took this photo over by the Public Market on Saturday. The dog is real.

It really bugs me that the Quicktime Pro “Export for Web” feature generates a movie that is not supported on the iPod Touch so I’m through with it. I put five or six movies from this blog (including my shaky  Wreckless Eric / Amy Rigby video with extra footage) up on YouTube today and I switched the links. I hope I don’t effect the price of Apple stock with that. And I see the Bobby Henrie & The Goners video I put up there in my last post has a hundred views already.

Old guys are allowed to have favorite cashiers at Wegmans. I asked mine were the charcoal was and she led me down the aisle! She pointed to a big pile of Briquettes and I said, “no, regular charcoal.” She said, “What is regular charcoal?”. I saw a few bags of the old fashioned lump charcoal and I grabbed one of those and thanked her.

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  1. Maybe if you had asked her for a bag of pyrolitically-prepared solid chunks of 90%-pure carbon, she’d know what you meant.

    Henry Ford is credited with inventing briquettes, but someone actually patented them before he started making them at his plant with sawdust and wood scraps.

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