Black Magic

Teeth Xray
Teeth Xray

I usually say “no said “ok” today went for the surround X-ray today because the equipment was brand new and the hygienist told me it was about as much radiation as I would get outdoors if it was sunny. In fact the whole office is brand new. My dentist had to move because a company bought the building he was in so they could put up a Walgreens. The town voted down the Walgreens but my dentist had already moved. His new place has TVs everywhere and a coffee machine that makes one cup at at time of the brew of your choice. I chose “Black Magic”. It was so good I had another one on the way out. Did I tell you my dentist’s name is Rocco and his son named his Italian restaurant after him? We ate there and I had Chicken Cacciatore as good as Charlie Coco’s mother used to make.

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