Stones Vs The Beatles

Bathroom doors at Vic & Irvs
Bathroom doors at Vic & Irvs

Nuuj emailed me something through Facebook. It was kind of a rant about a mutual acquaintance. I ran into him at Mex’s ten year bash and I apologized for not replying. I went into my own rant about fb. I don’t like how people email you through fb and then you have to respond through fb since it doesn’t show his email address. Facebook has that in the giant database they’re building. I joined fb when a client asked about the business generating possibilities of the network. That should have been a warning. I told him “I’ll get back to you” and I signed up.

I didn’t build my portfolio but one was being built for me. I have never put a photo up there yet I had over fifty photos in my profile. I just “untagged” most of them. People “friend” me so I have lots of friends but it is a little disturbing to not know who your friends are. And I get invited to all sorts of stuff.

I like fb alright though. Stan the man put an old photo I took of Vic from Vic & Irv’s up there because I was tagged I was cc’d in on a round of comments from Vic and Irv’s fans. Duane Sherwood emailed us today to say his sister had sent him a link to Vic’s obit.

My brothers and I used to ride our bikes down to the lake when we were in grade school. We’d take a few rides at Sea Breeze, run through the funny house and sit at the counter at Vic and Irv’s. In high school we drive down there with our dates for late night snacks. I’ve been going down there on my birthday for years. I used to love watching the teenage help. I loved how sloppy they were, the music they played behind the grill, the “I could care less” serving style. The workers seem older than they did in the past when you’d think they would be looking younger to me now. It’s probably today’s economy. Some people like “Don and Bob’s” better (or “Don’s Original” as it is called now). I always looked at it like a Stones vs. Beatles kind of thing and I knew exactly where I came down. That may have been a young Keith out back peeling the potatoes but it sure wasn’t Paul McCartney.

The D&C article on Vic called it the “end of an era.” Hardly. I’ll bet a lot of people are down there right now paying him their respects. I only eat beef on special occasions so it will be a while before I get down there. I went through my photos of the palce today and found this one of the bathrooms, which you can only get to by leaving the restaurant and going around back where the rats scamper around.

I guess I going to have to cross post this to Facebook.


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  1. You may not want to hear it but I can make a very strong argument that small businesses should totally skip putting up a website and replace it with a Facebook Business Page. Why? Because Facebook is a communications medium that connects your business to your customers with connections that are initiated by those customers. When Good Luck (the restaurant) has over 500 Fans on their FB Page they no longer need to spend anything on advertising. And my buddy Mike got $15k worth of web dev business from $300 worth of FB ads.

    BTW, it’s not Beatles vs. Stones, it’s Webster (Vic’s) vs. Irondequoit (Don’s).

  2. Steve
    I’m assuming you mean ‘by what mechanism it will all be over soon?’
    If so, I need to clarify “soon” and “over”
    ‘Soon’ means within 100 years
    ‘Over’ means the end of self-policing, self-governing nations and a return to tribal/feudalistic groups.
    The primary mechanism for this would be the incredible and unreported shrinking human frontal lobe — a biological disaster that in turn will lead to world hunger (although that’s really more of a symptom). The leap from frontal lobe problems to mass starvation will be summarized in my soon to be published treatise “Do Locavores Eat Dirt: The Coming Mass Numbness?”

  3. rich

    i thought that was exactly what you were saying, i apologize for being so obtuse as to have to ask for clarification.

  4. the corporation i work for “requested” everyone set up a fb profile and start commenting about the company. another marketing tool i suppose.
    i ain’t lookin’ and i don’t wanna be found.

    i prefer organized religion.

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