Memories Are Made Of This

Bob Henrie & the Goners in Lima, New York
Bob Henrie & the Goners in Lima, New York

Peggi and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday by taking two trips to the pool and then heading out to dinner. We thought we would check out “Cure”, the new restaurant in Rochester’s Public Market but they weren’t open on Tuesdays. We tried “Good Luck” and they were closed too so we wound up at Two Vine. We sat on the bar side, in the back and it’s pretty damn loud in there but the bar scene is a trip. We skipped the entrees and spit three appitizers, a beet salad, a kale and sausage in a fig sauce and black bean Calamari dish.

We drove down to Lima, the long “i” small town south of Rochester (everything’s south or you’d be in the lake), where Bobby Henrie & the Goners were playing in an Italian restaurant called Pastaria. They tore it up (they can’t help themselves) and then brought the house down with three part harmonies on “Memories Are Made Of This.”

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