Political Correctness

Mexican lawn statue off Culver Road
Mexican lawn statue off Culver Road

As much as I would like to be collecting stray golf balls that were left in the woods near the trails that skirt the golf course we are currently staying out of the woods. There are too many ticks on the invasive black swallow wort, burberry and autumn olive trees that line the paths through the park. I can’t wait for the Lyme vaccine. Our two friends who participated in a long term study at UR tell us the same vaccine they routinely give dogs has been found to be just as effective in humans. Of course there’s anti-vaxers who wouldn’t even vaccinate their dog.

So we stick to the roads, our favorites are closed in the park, and we often wander in the neighborhoods off the northern end of Culver Road. We pass a few houses with white and black jockeys, some vestige of a bygone era. Most are white these days and some look like they used to be black so I’m thinking this was a politically correct move. I don’t know what to think about the Mexican with the oil can.

There is a house on Peart Avenue that has a sign inside the widow on their porch that reads, “NOTICE: This place is politically incorrect. WE SAY Merry Christmas, One Nation Under God, We Salute Our Flag & Give Thanks To Our Troops. If this offends you LEAVE!”

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  1. Mother fuc**ers. One third of the signs up here say Fuck Biden (no asterisks, they don’t care about children, the young or the Amish). There are also the Confederate Flags and the Tea Party, but MOST of all there are the military — USMC, Army, Airforce, but mostly USMC — I was raped by a USMC vet once — I was 17, he was 19, but let’s keep that secret

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