Easy Transitions

Sky over wetlands off Hoffman Road
Sky over wetlands off Hoffman Road

We do a monthly shop at the Co-Op, taking advantage one of our 10% member discount and stocking the shelves We usually combine that errand with a walk around downtown or along the river and then a stop at Pete and Gloria’s place. This week we walked along South Avenue to where it collides with 490, a most inhospitable exchange, and Peggi pointed out that this is where we took the Hi-Techs photo that was used on the cover of our first single.

I guess Hi-Techs were on our mind because we had a meeting scheduled with Joe Massaro from Paperface Magazine. He is doing a feature on Personal Effects in the next issue. He had done quite a bit of research, had all of the records and wanted to discuss the transition from Hi-Techs to Personal Effects to Margaret Explosion. He started by asking me why I left New Math. He called our “Die Trying” single “power pop royalty.”

He seemed to know all the answers to his questions beforehand but he was so much fun to talk to the conversation took long detours. He recorded the the whole thing and will have a lot to sift through but he is young. He told us he didn’t have the picture sleeve for “Screamin’ You Head” so I found one in the basement.

Hi-Techs "Screamin' You Head," A side of Archive Records 45 recorded by Dwight Glodell at CSE Audio 1981.
Hi-Techs “Screamin’ You Head,” A side of Archive Records 45rpm 1981.

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  1. Lucia’s loft looks right out on the South Ave/490 ramps. It is an ugly mess but there is the potential to eliminate one of the on ramps when they make South Ave downtown two-way. Or turn it into a mini-High Line. I never walk through there without remembering posing for that photo about a hundred years ago!

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