Post card for Paul Dodd "Manifestation" show at Colleen Buzzard's Studio
Post card for Paul Dodd “Manifestation” show at Colleen Buzzard’s Studio

I was looking for a title for this upcoming show and also kicking around ideas for an album title for some recent Margaret Explosion songs. I found both on two succeeding pages in Musa Meyer’s recent book, “Resilience.”

Writing about her father’s work in the early seventies she described how Philip Guston was dogged by questions about why his work had changed, from abstraction to figurative. One critic complained the “manifestation” was different. Guston answered, “That is our fate. Constant change.”

“You have to keep learning how to play in new ways all the time. It’s always good for the first time. There is a popular Italian song called “Per la Prima” – “For the First Time.” It’s about a love affair, but it’s the same thing. It’s always good for the first time, and somehow, that has to be recaptured, constantly.”

Margaret Explosion improvises. Each song we play is being played for the first time. When we do try to recreate a song it is never as good as it was the first time. “Per la Prima” will be the title of our upcoming lp.

This art show would more accurately be sub-titled “Paul Dodd | Recent Play.”

Opening Reception: Friday, July 15, 5-9pm
First Friday Open Studio August 5, 5-9pm
Margaret Explosion performance w/ slideshow Friday Aug. 12, 7-8pm
Open by appointment July 15 through August 28, 2022

Anderson Arts Building, Studio 401
250 N. Goodman Street Rochester, NY 14607
(Enter behind Good Luck Restaurant)

Exhibit also includes “Brief History of the World” slideshow
(detail shown below)
ePub book format of “Brief History of the World” is available
as a free download at

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