Two rocks along the coast in Costa Rica
Two rocks along the coast in Costa Rica

I can’t imagine how boring these last few entries would be to read. Nothing happens here, by design. There are big decisions being made behind the scenes. How long to hold the plank? Which way to walk down the beach in the morning, whether to have coffee before or after and where to take a dip in the ocean without being towed out to sea.

It is our last day here and we finally saw our first boat go by, out just beyond the big waves. I was beginning to think it was too rough even for fishermen. It is pretty fantastic for surfers. Michael Gribbroek has surfed here. Our nephew, Andrew, messaged us to find out if we had surfed yet. We sent him back this link to a story in the Washington Post.

Duane emailed us to to arrange details for our visit to NYC. Peggi and I started singing the Swollen Monkeys song, “On Vacation.” They were label mates of ours in the early Personal Effects days and they performed at our record release in NYC. The party was held on the roof of Danceteria and they played out in the crowd rather than on the stage.

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  1. Thanks for the WP link! Unbelievable picture!
    Shark sightings were common when I was in Costa Rica. At one point, we saw the ominous fins cutting through the water less than 50 yards out from where we were sitting on our boards. I pointed this out to my fellow gringo surfers and we nervously started to paddle in. On seeing that, the locals laughed at us. They told us not to worry. The sharks were always there and never came in any further than that. There was plenty of food for them out there and that being the case, they were unlikely to take on something as big as a surfer. Nevertheless, I took the first available wave in and got out of the water.

    Then, at a place called Pavones which had beautiful waves that broke for 100 yards, we encountered another hazard. To get to the break you had to paddle across a river mouth that was infested with a crocodile-like animal that was known to nosh on human arms and legs. Surfer’s paradise ??!!

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