Blue Carbon

Anne Punzi oil paintings from "Current Events" show at Colleen Buzzard's
Anne Punzi oil paintings from “Current Events” show at Colleen Buzzard’s

We couldn’t leave the house until the Atletico/Cadiz match finished so we got a late start on First Friday. Our first stop was the Wilder Group opening at Lumiere on College Avenue. George Wegman had sold about half of his beautiful pencil shaving drawings before we even got there. Pete Monacelli was having some repair work done so he wasn’t able to attend. His drawings on digital prints of his work added yet another dimension to his dynamic work.

We headed over to the Anderson Building and ran into a couple that had just come from Lumiere show standing beside their Hyundai. The passenger side glass had been smashed but nothing was stolen. They surmised the thief had been scared off. The sun was still up and their car was scheduled to get the theft protection software upgrade in two weeks.

We loved Ann Punzi’s paintings at Colleen’s. Her show, called “Current Events” features gorgeous abstracts based on environmental disasters. In her statement she says, ” While researching information on climate change I discovered information on Blue Carbon Ecosystems and this presented a hopeful direction for this series.


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  1. I have looked online for some George Wegman pencil drawings, but don’t see any. Only some printed matter material on William Wegman — not the same Wegman familly is it?

  2. No. These drawings are brand new, not online. I will photograph a few and post. The drawing were done with with his fingertip using pencil shavings. Astounding!

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