Mini Storm King

Found spring as backyard sculpture
Found spring as backyard sculpture

Every year we talk about visiting Storm King, the outdoor sculpture museum in the Hudson Valley. Some friends of ours were just there and they loved it. I love Calder, Serra, Noguchi, Chillida and Moore but I have a hard time with steel beams and cute stuff. I’m thinking of the items that litter the grounds at the MAG. And then Storm King is so close to Dia Beacon, the citadel of sorts for minimalist art. We stopped in Beacon once and spent the day in there. How can you compete with that? We found this spring, shown in the picture above, while walking down Pete and Shelley’s dirt road in the Adirondacks. It is the centerpiece of our outdoor sculpture garden.

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  1. Storm King was a part of my college experience, only about 40 minutes from New Paltz. Those years, and the years since visiting a sister in the area, has exposed me to fantastic art venues from Albany to NYC. Love it all!

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