Ritmo Tiempo Silencio

Chillida sculpture at Hauser Wirth on 69th Street, NYC
Chillida sculpture at Hauser Wirth on 69th Street, NYC

In Leon last month, where we temporarily broke our pilgrimage, I found a small art book in the gift shop of the Gaudi Museum. It was on an artist I had never heard of but I fell in love with his work. Eduardo Chillida studied architecture in Madrid and then drawing at the Circulo de Belles Artes. After school he moved to Paris and began sculpting. The mini retrospective at Hauser Wirth Uptown includes these mediums plus prints, assemblages and a large dosage of his writing, in artist books and displayed as wall quotes.

We had slept in Midtown at the old Leona Chelmsley joint, the Park Lane, overlooking the Park if your room is in the front of the place, and we walked though the park with a latte on our way up to 69th Street. We were standing outside the gallery when they opened this morning and we spent a few hours with three floors of Chillida plus a small sculpture in the garden and a movie about him made by his daughter. All his work is sculptural in that every piece takes its place in space with mutual respect for the negative space. It is like Music in that sense, a beautiful experience.

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