Boat coming in to Charlotte Harbor from Jetty Restaurant

I can’t believe how much work is involved with organizing a show. It turns out creating the work that goes on display isn’t even half of it. You have to sort the good from the bad (a moving target) and coordinate your choices with the gallery director. And to promote the show you need photographs of the work and then those images need to posted on the website for the virtual presentation. That could take a few days.

Of course there are the space considerations and the arrangement of the pieces within that space. The show needs a name and then a short amount of copy for a blurb. And the artist statement! Was it always like this? Did we always have bios and post cards and wall tags to explain the art?

But I am not going to let this ruin the summer. We drove north as far as we could in this part of the country and had dinner at the Jetty, the restaurant in the old Fast Ferry terminal.

Pete LaBonne – Artist’s Statement

2 Responses to “Witness”

  1. Martin Edic Says:

    Don’t explain anything. The art is the explanation. This artist statement crap drives me nuts.

  2. Paul Says:

    To anyone who reads this but especially Louise. The recent comment to my “Long Live Leo” post alerted me to two big oversights. I titled this post “Witness” because that is the name for the show and I tried to link to the postcard but I mistyped the link. Thank you also for calling my attention to that post and my father’s “can’t talk without a pencil” quote. That will find a place in the show.

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