White on White

Detail from Paul Dodd Crime Face painting from 2008
Detail from Paul Dodd Crime Face painting from 2008

It was a good day to cut out of work and go on an art supply run. I needed white oil paint but not just any white paint. I’m in the habit of leaving a lot of white space on my finished canvases. I’ve gotten used to people asking if my paintings are done. Is there some rule that you have to cover all the white Gesso on the store bought canvas? Many times I paint out portions of my paintings with white and then find that the white oil paint yellows over time so the white oil on white Gesso looks more like yellowed white on white Gesso. White oil paint yellows in the dark and then gets bleached out by the light. It really goes to town if the painting gets put a way for a while. I can usually bring it back to white on white with a few weeks of daylight exposure but some paintings are really stubborn.I would love to know what causes this. Is it the pigment or the medium?

I switched from Gamblin to M.Graham and now the M.Graham has yellowed on me. I went out to buy something different but came home with three more big tubes of M.Graham. I found that M. Graham makes two kinds of Titanium White. I was using the one with Sunflower Oil and Alkyd Resin as a vehicle and now I’m going to try the one with walnut oil.

Peggi just finished “Goya” by Robert Hughes. I started it a while ago but never finished it. I got lost gazing at the pictures. I might go back to it later on tonight.

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