Fried Bologna

Dark clouds over Lake Ontario
Dark clouds over Lake Ontario

We met my mom and about half of my immediate family down at Vic & Irv’s for Mother’s Day. My mom likes their milkshakes and their onion rings are the best but the rest of the food is a little rough. My dad ordered fried bologna with onions and cheese.

I had some ginger tea to settle my stomach. A few slivers of ginger root in the bottom of the cup is the way to go but we didn’t have any ginger so I used a Yogi tea bag. My fortune read, “Happiness comes when you overcome the most difficult obstacle.” I thought it was the journey that mattered.

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  1. Those yogi teabag fortunes were getting on my nerves too so i started crossing out the last word of the message and writing in the word “ass”.
    Happiness comes when u overcome the most difficult ass.

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