Baloney And Onions

Leo Dodd's Fried Baloney and Onion Sanwich at Vic & Irv's in Rochester, New York
Leo Dodd’s Fried Baloney and Onion Sanwich at Vic & Irv’s in Rochester, New York

How does Duane, in Brooklyn, know about these things before us? Maybe it’s because he does look at his fb page. We live about a mile away from Vic and Irv’s and had no idea they were closing their doors and moving up Culver Road to Fioravanti’s old place. Of course, about the only time we eat there is when Duane is in town.

Once informed of the move we had to get down there so we arranged to dine with parents last night. The signs, posted all over the store, say they will be open until October 25th at 9PM and then reopen in the new place on November 1. They will still have a view of the lake from the new location and workers were inside getting it ready as we drove by. The manager at Vic & Irv’s gave us the scoop.

Vic sold the property and the name to someone before he died. They rent the space to the people who own the business but they are going into foreclose on the property. So the current owners are moving the location uptown bait and changing the name to “Vic’s Place.” If I sound obsessive about all these details, I am. I used to ride my bike down here some fifty years ago, the place is celebrating their 80th year and I’ve sweated the death of the partners, the ownership changes, the switch to Styrofoam plates from cardboard, the giant jar of pickles, the best onion rings in town and Vic’s secret hot sauce.

Time marches on. My mom ordered a Veggie Burger, something that was unheard in Vic’s early days. I had the same thing I’ve always ordered. Cheeseburger, onion rings and a vanilla shake. My dad went the classic. “Baloney and Onions.”

I snapped some photos of the photos on the wall before we left.
Vic & Irv’s 30s, 40s, 40s, 40s, 50s, 80s.


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  1. This is where we will always disagree. Don’s is much better. I predict that this move will put them out of business because the impression will be that they already are when people see the place closed. Of course the bay bridge really did a number on them because they have been a Webster business while Don’s is Irondequoit. Which, by the way, is where you guys live. Get with the program! 😉

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