Out Of Context

Blue wought iron chairs at lakeside, Rochester New York
Blue wought iron chairs at lakeside, Rochester New York

The U.S. should have been able to walk all over Nigeria but they only managed one goal, well, two with the bad off-sides call, and they couldn’t even score with Nigeria a woman down. How are they going to handle Germany, Brazil or even Canada? I’m glad Abby got one but but she kind of lumbers around the center. Unless someone is looking for her head on a corner she doesn’t see much action at all. We’ve got a solid defense but things fall apart in the middle. OK, they made it out of the group of death but I wish I wasn’t so worried about them.

After the game we stopped over at our neighbor’s house. Wreckless Eric was staying there overnight on his way to a solo gig in Toronto. He played us his new record, first one in twelve years, but talked most of the way through it. Record sounds lush in low fi way. Peggi told Eric he’s a very melodic bass player and Eric told us the guy in Yo La Tenga told him he sounds like Jack Cassidy. That led to a Jefferson Airplane discussion and then Jack Bruce and Cream, the first three Hendrix albums and Led Zeppelin’s 1. And then we discussed the merits of hearing songs out of context. We left when it got around to Jethro Tull.

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