A Minus Over B Plus

Steve Hoy English paper on the 4th Dimension, written for Paul Dodd in 1969

Steve Hoy was the best man at our wedding. But before that he was my college roommate, back when they were randomly assigned without any profiling or preferences being stated.

I coasted through high school and had a great time but I was a terrible student, learning only what I needed to get by. I was determined to turn over a new leaf in college and planned on applying myself. That idea went out the window when Steve showed up. The first thing I remember him saying was, “Is it ok to put one of my stereo speakers on your desk?” He was already a junior. He had a car, a white Barracuda. We had a good time.

We rented a small, coal-heated house the next year and I eventually dropped out but before I did, Steve wrote an English paper for me. I think the assignment was to make something up and that was too much for me. Steve’s paper got me an A-/B+, one of the best grades I received. Steve, a sci-fi buff, entitled the essay “The Fourth Dimension.”


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  1. Paul, I don’t honestly remember writing that, in as much as it reads like some bs I would write.(e.g. the unfinished novel ” The Adventures of Radio Larkin”). Does seem a bit crude for a junior in college. I would of and did have Rich Stim write papers for me. And I did corrupt you when I instructed you not to waste time studying, there were better ways to spend time in college. And we discovered the wonderful world of drugs together.

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