American flag and Fuck Biden banner at 129 Avondale
American flag and Fuck Biden banner at 129 Avondale

How did the terrorist attacks on our country (and others) drive us further apart from one another? What kind of bungling leadership would feed this division? We were told they attacked us because they resented our freedom. We were told the the people who commandeered airplanes directly into tall buildings were cowards. None of this added up.

“You’re either with us or against us,” “Love it or Leave It.” After 9/11 the Pentagon paid $6.8 million to the NFL and other professional sports teams to put on patriotic displays. That felt genuine. It feels as though someone is engineering our demise.

Michelle Goldberg, writing in the NYT on 9/11 says “. . . this epoch of aggressive jingoism, ethnic profiling, escalating paranoia, torture, secret prisons, broken soldiers, dead civilians and dashed imperial dreams has left freedom in retreat both globally and here at home.”


4 Replies to “9/12”

  1. Like Francis Ford Coppola said so many years ago, “the whole fucking thing is being dismantled.”

  2. Andrea — yes, to dismantle the whole thing IS the goal of Trumpsters. Because the elite have stripped the middle class and further impoverished the working class. Where I live, half of the houses are falling down. I don’t think ‘Trump’ is the answer — personally– yet I understand the underlying rage and complaint.

  3. I’m with Louise on this one. Trump intentionally divided a country for his own purposes, a perfect example of extreme narcissism. But he just gave it permission. It was always there under the surface. Not anymore.

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