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Trail along east side of Eastman Lake
Trail along east side of Eastman Lake

We had already skied through the woods, around the perimeter of the golf course, up Horseshoe and around the loop overlooking the lake when Peggi suggested skiing back along Eastman Lake. It was so beautiful here we stopped every 25 yards or so just to look around.

I don’t think my mother ever subscribed to Better Homes & Gardens but she was getting it near the end. Probably for the same reason we recently started getting copies of Vogue – something to do with our demographic and because we subscribe to The New Yorker, another Condé Nast publication. We had switched my parents’ mailing address to ours so we could stay on top of their bills and all these years later it s still fun to find something addressed to them.

I would rather have been watching the Darby between Barcelona’s crosstown rivals but family comes first. Instead of giving a sport where huge men, clad in armor, crash into one another a unique name Americans called it “football” and they changed the name of the world’s biggest sport to soccer. We gathered at my brother, Fran’s, place for the Super Bowl and had a good time. But I was surprised how hard it is to pay attention to the game.

While European football runs 90 minutes, two 45s with no interruptions, this sport with 60 minutes of play time took about four hours to conclude. We were thrilled to hear Wreckless Eric’s anthem playing in Expedia’s Ewan McGregor ad but with so much noise between tiny snippets of play I kept losing track of the game.

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