World Unto Itself

End of Seneca Road in morning fog
End of Seneca Road in morning fog

Rain was predicted this morning so we got out early for our walk. The bay was especially beautiful in the fog. Parts of the bay were still frozen over and we couldn’t even see across to Webster. There are so many ways to walk down to the bay. Culver Road ends down there of course but each cross road off Culver (Point Pleasant, Seneca, Titus, and Norton) also winds down a hill to the bay. Each one is world unto itself.

Seneca Road ends at the Newport Yacht Club. You can just see the tip of one of their docks in the photo above. And there is a new house going up just to the left. They cut way into the hillside to carve out a lot and are putting up a huge three story home. There was King’s Audio Technology van parked outside and while I was taking this picture the owners pulled up. We congratulated them on their new home and told them we used to go to the bathroom in the woods on their lot. They laughed and told us we could use their bathroom when their house is complete.

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