They Walk Among US

Don Jr. T-Shirt
Don Jr. T-Shirt

Peggi and I headed out for a walk today and ran into a neighbor, Larry, who was walking his dog. We were in his house once and he and his wife had Fox News on in the middle of the day. In summer we can hear right wing radio coming from his garage. He wore a red MAGA hat during the 2016 campaign and today we found him sporting a new TRUMP hat with the slogan “Keep America Great” on it. He’s a nice guy and although I think the hat is absurd we don’t talk politics.

I’m putting out feelers for a Don Jr. Tee. Something equally absurd. I created this graphic and I’m thinking about putting it on a white t-shirt. We printed some shirts a long time ago and it was a lot of work. I’m thinking of sending the art work off and getting someone else to print them but there is the question of how many to order.


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  1. So we’re heading out for a walk now. Peggi has her Obama 2008 shirt on. We both bought back then. Maybe we’ll run into Larry again or one of our other right leaning neighbors. I’m still thinking the Don Jr. tee would be a more meaningful conversation starter.

  2. When I want to make a shirt I just use Custom Ink. Made a Sheps Paradise shirt last year.

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