Reduced Palette

Colleen Buzzard art work on the white was of Colleen Buzzard's studio gallery.
Colleen Buzzard art work on the white walls of Colleen Buzzard’s studio gallery.

We made some art stops over the weekend and I came home with a few photos which I just got around to looking at. I took a photo of a big red abstract over at Warren Philip’s Gallery. It was painted by John K. Hansegger in 1984 and was part of Warren’is annual Collectors show. I really like the painting. The big red ball like subject was arrived at by painting into the edges with the ground color. It was painted on paper and under glass so a reflection of my image wound up in the middle of the big red ball.

We stopped by RoCo to see the Member’s Show one more time before it comes down. My piece has sold. We didn’t really get to see the show because artists were giving five minute talks about their work. We were standing in the back talking to Chris Reeg when we we were asked to keep quiet.

Colleen Buzzard’s Studio was our next stop. I has become one of our favorites. She was showing her work this time and the show is a knockout. Colleen has been sneaking color into some of her recent pieces. Not this one. It doesn’t need or want it.

Down the hall on the fourth floor of the Anderson Building Zanne Brunner and Nancy Valle are hosting a self portrait show in their studio. Lots of fun stuff there from some familiar faces.

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  1. I really can’t stand these artist talks. They are unbelievably pretentious and most of the member artists are hobbyists. The art is the conversation, not some made up crap about muses and meaning. Let other people talk about your art if you must but don’t subject us to this ego tripping. Not you Paul…lol.

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